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Carpet cleaning is a necessity for every carpet user. Getting stains, spots and spills out of carpets is a delicate and sensitive task. However, the no. 1 rule to always remember when dealing with spots and spills is to ACT QUICKLY!

When it comes to getting rid of stains, TIME is a very important factor to consider. The faster you catch a stain and clean it, the more effective the clean would be. No carpet is a super- carpet. No carpet is completely immune to stain. Immediate action and removal always yields the best result.

SunValley's Finest Carpet Cleaning is here to give you information on how best to remove spots and stains on your own. However, if you are not comfortable with doing any of the procedures below by yourself, or require the services of a profession, feel free to call us at 250-717-3407. We will be delighted to speak to you, or meet you at your location to aid in the stain removal process (Minimum charges apply).

To avoid damaging your carpet, follow these instructions exactly and carefully. Do not attempt to use these stain/spot removal procedures on upholstery as spot cleaning can easily damage certain delicate fabrics.

* Carefully blot or scrape the entire are with a spoon, dull knife or sturdy object to remove all solid material.

* Blot up or soak liquids with a clean (preferably white), dry towel.

* NEVER rub, scrub, or brush the carpet as thus can cause excessive wear and permanent damage to the carpet fibre. You can also complicate and spread the stain!!Work from the outside to the centre (or from a less concentrated region to a more concentrated region) when dealing with larger spills.

* Before using any cleaning solution, test your carpet in an inconspicuous area to make sure the carpet cleaner won’t damage or discolor it.

* Apply the cleaning agent to a white towel; never apply the carpet cleaner directly to the carpet, as this can damage the backing if too much is used.

* Use the steps and solutions in the cleaning code in the order given until you no longer see any improvement, and then proceed to the next step if the spot persists.

*Always use white vinegar as the last step before rinsing if you have used ammonia during the process, even if the spot is already gone. Vinegar (low ph) neutralized ammonia (high ph) and is safe to leave behind.

*Rinse the last cleaning solution you have used by spraying clear water and blotting the area with a clean, white towel. You may use a wet-dry vacuum to extract out excess moisture, if you own one.

*Once you have removed all the visible spots and stains, place a dry towel, 20 white paper towels on the area. Then place a heavy plastic weight on top. Leave for several hours, preferably overnight.

Here’s a couple generous words from some of our clientele:

“SunValley can be trusted to clean carpets and bring them back to their original luster. 18 bottles of red wine “popped” their corks behind my bar. David & his helper gave the carpet and under pad their expert touch and voila! A clean carpet again. They are a treat to deal with and Carol certainly puts you at ease when calling with an emergency. David is a Houdini – you betcha ….”– Robert Smith

 “Your service has always been (first class- that’s why we call you back every year. Stain removing – previous cleaners made you seem high tech, almost like magic. Quick drying.”–SunValley's Finest Carpet Cleaning – SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST.

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