Furniture Preservation

A lot of people prefer leather furniture to fabric ones. Such preferences are based on the fact that leather furniture is more durable and of higher quality than its fabric counterpart, most especially when the leather is properly maintained. Carrying out this routine gives your furniture a new look throughout its life.

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Scotch Guard - $15-$30 per area

Deodorizer - $5- $10 per area

Preserve Your Furniture

There are several ways we protect our properties. In some cases, we go all out to protect those ones which are of high value. For example, we wax our cars, we insure our homes, not to forget the sunblock on our kids when we go to the beach. Just so you know, your upholstery also needs to be protected.

One thing we can remember while growing up is the plastic covers our grandmas used to protect their furniture from spills and stains. Those were really good for protecting the upholstery, but they made us very uncomfortable. 

Most people have a fear of tearing their furniture this way, thereby inconveniencing their young ones. At AAA, we have the best product to be used rather than the old plastic covers. These products will give the furniture the highest protection from stains and soil.

The products are “Green Seal” approved products, which means they are safe for the environment. They also protect your upholstery from ultraviolet rays which causes a lot of damage to your furniture.

Remember, when you call us to clean your upholstery, ask us to seal it for you.

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