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Deodorizer - $5- $10 per area

Scotch Guard - $15-$30 per area

Sedans – $130- $170

Coupes – $100 - $150.

Do you have a vehicle that needs cleaning? Well, Never fear! Sun Valley's Finest Cleaning is here! From Boats to Automobiles to Recreational Vehicles and much more, Sun Valley's Finest Cleaning is the company to call.

Whether you need to add that dash of finesse to your vehicle upholstery or want to get rid of that icky “end of the season” stain in your boat, our company has your back. All you have to do is give us a dial. We will come to you or to where your Automobile, Boat or RV is stored, saving you both time and money, as you don’t need to go through the frustrating hassle of dropping your vehicle off at a detailing shop and waiting hours for a single clean!

Sun Valley's Finest cleaning offers a delightful mix of state of the art cleaning technology and a comprehensive cleaning crew that guarantees perfection when it comes to giving your vehicle that new sizzle. We have the tools to not only clean and polish your camper, boat or vehicle, but also to provide anti-allergen treatments for both your upholstery and vehicle carpets. After the cleaning process, we take that extra step to apply protectants to your upholstery and carpets to ensure that your vehicle is not only clean but also sanitary and void of infections that could cause allergies, skin irritations or worse!

We offer nothing less than absolute quality for your vehicle. We at Sun Valley's FinestCarpet Cleaning; A world class servicing company for your world class vehicle.

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