Almost everyone classifies rug as an essential element of their home. This can be because of its benefits and the beauty it brings to the house. One other thing you should take note of is your upholstered furniture. Your upholstery is a very important furniture in your home. They attract several foreign objects like dust, odor, food crumbs and also sand and oil from the human body.

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The Hot Water Extraction

Most people wonder what the best method is when cleaning both the carpet and upholstery. Well, the most recommended technique is the Hot Water Extraction Method, also known as The Steam Cleaning. We bring out the very best in your upholstery. Our technicians will never damage the value of your upholstery. We maintain the color, comfort, and appearance.

  • We endeavor to carry out a special test to locate the spot and stains before we carry out the treatments.
  • We refresh and protect the furniture through the deodorizing and fabric Guard treatments.
  • We help you prolong the upholstery life and protect it against stains with our fabric protection.
  • We also renew leather suppleness and luster with our cream treatment and hand buffing.

The steps we take in making your upholstery new after every clean

We carry out the following deep-rooted steps when giving your upholstery that new look it had from the very beginning.


  • We first determine the base and the origin of the furniture, what material it is made of? And what type of construction was used in making it?
  • The most common materials that pose a lot of stress when cleaning are cotton and rayon. They require highly sophisticated cleaning material and process.
  • We also check if your upholstery has any wear and tear, pulls and even damage from ultraviolet rays.
  • We confirm if your upholstery has gone through any cleaning in the past, either the material used or the process. The use of these materials and steps can show when it is later cleaned. The steps and materials used can also lead to wears and tears.


  • We vacuum the right spot. And make sure unnecessary places are not touched.
  • We have the right material to carry out the operation. Such as the pre-spray and the dye lock.
  • We allow the cleaning materials to work well with the upholstery.

The Cleaning Procedures and Equipment

The type of material or the conditions it is will affect the spray and moisturizing equipment to use.

The After Treatment and Inspection

  • We check all the areas if they are well cleaned
  • We use horse brush to groom the parts that seem off on the upholstery
  • The use of pH stabilizer and dye set is required
  • We make use of a good protectant.

We Are Certified Upholstery Cleaners

There are many untrained and uncertified upholstery cleaners around today. They cause a lot of damage to the furniture. These cleaners lack the training to inspect the disfigured and profoundly damaged part of your upholstery. In most cases, they cause damages that take a while before it is noticed.

For example, the color loss and fading in your furniture won’t be noticed immediately. It takes days before you finally see this damage. At times you won’t see it until you compare it to a new one or take it out in the sun. The strong pH materials they is in cleaning the products gradually spoils it from the inside, causing wears, tears and a foul smell.

We Are NOT The Cheapest Upholstery Cleaners

There are several cheap upholstery cleaners around today. This affordable service tends to attract a lot of people. Most of the cheap cleaners are uncertified, and they lack the knowledge on how to properly handle your upholstery. One thing to know is, “Cheap is good, but good is not cheap”.

We provide the best service at a relatively reasonable price. We won’t pith the life of your upholstery at stake just got our selfish interest.

We have the best well trained and certified cleaners at the best price.

No Surprise Prices

We charge based on the entire piece of upholstery. We do not charge on parts of the furniture. We will never charge you outside our quoted price. We don’t want to lose you as a future customer and at the same time would want to have referrals from you.

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