We have to detail clean our bed and breakfast every year for the last five years with another company but they closed down in 2019. I decided on Sun Valley’s this year. From the phone inquiry to the last minute when Wayne left after his job, I would rate this company “seven-stars”! Wayne’s attention to details blown my mind away. I was very impressed with the cleaning product they used(I have the product at home too). Canadian maufactured and least tonxic. Seeing Wayne’s work on my carpet, I decided to add on cleaning my WHITE couch and beige love seats. Guess what, 90% of the stains on the couches from my two big dogs were gone! Wayne works from 9am to 4pm without lunch break(I kept insisting he take a break). He’s a rare gem and Sun Valley is so blessed to have an employee whose so hard working! Btw, I dont normally write review but Wayne’s professionalism should be recongised!
Tree House Bed and Breakfast
kelowna, BC

We have a sculpted carpet and you were able to get out a stain that would have otherwise necessitated replacement of an entire rooms carpeting. Good to excellent general cleaning.

John and Holly Phares
Kelowna, BC













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