A lot of people prefer leather furniture to fabric ones. Such preferences are based on the fact that leather furniture is more durable and of higher quality than its fabric counterpart, most especially when the leather is properly maintained. Carrying out this routine gives your furniture a new look throughout its life.

Our certified technicians

have the experience to provide the right and adequate maintenance for your furniture, with the aid of the proper cleaning equipment and procedures. They ensure you enjoy the new look your property displays every day

One thing to note is that when the leather is not well managed, it is prone to soiling, fading, cracking and even tearing. The natural oil on the leather can be damaged by the human skin.

Our Leather Techniques

gives your leather a new look once we have gone through it thoroughly. With vigorous cleaning, we put in a new batch of the natural leather oil damaged by the human skin. The new batch of natural leather oil gives the furniture a new look. It becomes very soft, supple and clean.

We are always here for you when you need your leather to be sparkling clean and looking as good as new.

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